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The Curse and The Blessing 1/2

6032193070_959d4bdbe5_tOnce things seemed to be so simple;
I was aware about two main things that interested me:
Drumming and drawing.


There was that one thing that seemed to be pretty abundant then, being the most elusive of them all:
Time. I had lots of it, and It appeared to me as if that would never change.

The computer was then still a new addition to the family. A puppy. Internet was still slow. The only uses I had for that box seemed to be Computer games and general browsing (ehem). About five years later that started to change rapidly; Software interested me in a completely different way and so did the web and all that could be done with it. My ‘powers’ were divided pretty evenly between the drums and the computer, but i still felt that i had lots of time. Never-ending time.

Once big changes started, it went all so fast. Started semi-formal art studies. Sent work examples. Got accepted to a full-time job in a design firm. Dropped out of studies. Moved on to a new job to work on what would be my main profession: Mobile graphics.
Thinking about it now, it seems to me almost as if that was barely a month ago. Well, it was barely 8 Years ago.

Something very fundamental has changed since then:

Time got really elusive.